Novelty awards

At PLANTARIUM|GROEN-Direkt, the fair is really all about garden plants. That is why the fair organises several novelty competitions. Exhibitors at PLANTARIUM|GROEN-Direkt and/or GROEN-Direkt’s sample fair can participate in all novelty judgements held at that time. The judging of Best KVBC Novelty and Best Market Innovation is also open to non-participants of the fair.


Join the novelty contest!

Participating in the novelty judging provides additional exposure for your product. Before, during and after the judging. The entries are presented on the website prior to the judging, and we regularly feed the international trade press with an overview of the entries up to that point. This results in great publications both online and in the trade magazines. All entries are given a prominent place on the exhibition floor. The novelty presentation is the main attraction at the fair for international garden plant buyers and for the international trade press. If you are present here with your product, and also present the novelty in your stand, this generates extra traffic in the stand. And if the product is eventually awarded Best Novelty, that generates additional publicity through publications in all trade media.

There are three categories in which plants are judged:


JURY: KVBC jury professionals

Have you developed a new cultivar ripe for the market after years of selecting and breeding? Would you like to show it to an international professional audience and be judged by an expert and independent jury? Then take advantage of the Best KVBC Novelty judging. An independent, expert KVBC jury visually judges the plants on ornamental value, such as flower colour, flowering time and period, leaf colour, shape of the plant, etc. But also on characteristics such as health, propagation and uses. The next judging for Best KVBC Novelty will be during the GROEN-Direkt Summer Days on 12 and 13 June 2023 and during the autumn edition of PLANTARIUM|GROEN-Direkt on 23 and 24 August 2023.

Assessment criteria:


Jury: international plant trade experts

Do you have an innovative or distinctive product or concept that responds to a current market need? That is available in sufficient quantities and is designed from a specific target group idea? Then apply for the Best Market Innovation judging. When judging the plants, the jury composed of international plant trade experts looks at the plant/concept through the eyes of the trade. Factors such as shelf life, availability, responsible product and suitability to current market needs are important. The next judging for Best Market Innovation will be during the autumn edition of PLANTARIUM|GROEN-Direkt on 23 and 24 August 2023.

Assessment criteria:

Visitor favorite

Jury: Visitors to PLANTARIUM|GROEN-Direkt

Have you got a relatively new product with a clear added value over already existing products and is the product also available in sufficient numbers? Then put this product in the spotlight by submitting it for the Visitors’ Favourite judging. The entries will be presented right at the entrance and visitors will cast their vote for what they consider to be the best new product. The next Visitors’ Favourite judging will be at the autumn edition of PLANTARIUM|GROEN-Direkt on 23 and 24 August 2023.

Assessment criteria: