Practical information


The fair team consist of five professionals from the outdoor greenery sector: Linda Hoogendoorn-Veelenturf from Varb, Sytse Berends from Blunt Communicatieadvies, Arjen Waltman from GROEN-Direkt, and the independent professionals Sandra van Tol and Pieter Heemskerk.

Besides the above members of the fair team, several Varb, Blunt and GROEN-Direkt employees will be playing an important part in the PLANTARIUM|GROEN-Direkt organisation.


Fair date(s)

Linda Hoogendoorn-Veelenturf

Fair director

As managing director, Linda Hoogendoorn-Veelenturf is the link between the board of exhibition organisers Green Retail Events and the exhibition team. “With the PLANTARIUM|GROEN-Direkt fair, we make the physical connection between growers and buyers, which is extremely important. The members of the trade fair team all have ‘a green background’, which is important in order to create a trade fair that suits both the exhibitor and the visitor. I am looking forward to shaping and organising this first edition with the team.

Pieter Heemskerk

Sales, Exhibitor contact

After years of activity in the field of sales in the nursery sector, Pieter Heemskerk started working as an independent professional in commercial management this year. He is full of plans and ideas for the organisation’s future sales, for which he will be responsible. He is going to visit the various companies to inspire them to participate in the PLANTARIUM|GROEN-Direkt fairs and he will be using his knowledge and network to interest prospective buyers to visit the fair.

Arjen Waltman

Exhibition floor organiser

Arjen Waltman will be responsible for the fairs’ layout and the construction of the stands. In the more than twenty years that he has worked for GROEN-Direkt he has been the number-one man behind the organisation’s leading fairs such as its spring and autumn fairs. Armed with this experience he has great faith in the next step he is taking towards the organisation of PLANTARIUM|GROEN-Direkt.

Sandra van Tol

Press contact

Sandra van Tol. In the years since 2013 in which she has been responsible for Plantarium’s PR and communication she has created a large network of national and international trade press journalists. She is looking forward to using this network and her expertise to generate lots of attention for PLANTARIUM|GROEN-Direkt.

Sytse Berends


Sytse Berends knows all the ins and outs of the horticultural market, having organised marketing communications for GROEN-Direkt and other companies for many years. All communication activities involved in house style, logo design, website, social media, internal and external communication and strategy will be in good hands with him.