Discover natures elegance with Garden Beauties®
Gebr. Seuren Kwekerijen B.V.
Discover natures elegance with Garden Beauties®

The Garden Beauties® Collection consist of an exclusive and impressive assortment of conifers that will captivate many people. This biodiverse collection enriches your garden or terrace throughout the year and is virtually maintenance-free! The Garden Beauties® provide an intriguing perspective on various growth forms and a diversity of green hues. They are also highly adaptable to both drier and wetter garden conditions. This concept is available year-round and, thanks to its compact loading volume, is easily transportable by any retailer! An additional advantage is that these plants can be well-preserved on the store shelves, reducing risk. With its engaging mix of varieties, this is an ideal blend for both larger and smaller retailers. An interesting detail is that each plant comes with a small tag featuring intriguing facts about the respective plant. Thanks to strong collaboration with suppliers and a shared vision for the future, we can offer this product with the following certifications that meet the highest standards:

•Gebr. Seuren Kwekerijen B.V: GRASP, Global G.A.P, MPS 804180
•Floramedia: Labels 100% recyclable
•Desch: Recover® Tray CyclosHTP certificate
•Van Krimpen B.V: Production made from >85% recycled plastic for 100% recyclability
•Kekkilä-BVB Substrates: RHP, MPS-GAP