Pyracantha Orange Star
Van der Sar Plants
Pyracantha Orange Star

Pyracantha Orange Star is a thornless Pyracantha bred with a lot of passion, time and attention by Henk van der Sar. Pyracantha Orange Star is unique, which provides the plant with a new image and excites consumers!
Orange Star has the following characteristics:
- No thorns (truly unique!)
- Flowers/fruits on 2-year-old wood
- Healthy foliage
- Large amount of bright orange, large berries from summer to winter (until around Christmas)
- Not susceptible to Phytophthora ramorum and fire blight (most Pyracanthas are very susceptible)
- Vigorous growth
- Nature-friendly for bees, butterflies and birds
The plant has been on the market since this year and is (limited) available in 14 and 19 cm pots. Van der Sar Plants from 's-Gravenzande is the submitter of this plant and also markets it. The aim is to expand each year and give the Pyracantha a new image.