Cow urine – the liquid gold!
Cow urine – the liquid gold! is a place where supply and demand of cow urine meet. Cow urine is rich in nitrogen and potash, making it an excellent fertilizer replacement for plants.
Cow urine is collected by the innovative CowToilet (from Hanskamp) directly under the cow's tail. As the urine does not come into contact with the manure on the barn floor, it remains pure. This also prevents ammonia emission, as ammonia emission occurs when urine and manure come into contact. This keeps the nitrogen in the urine.
This is double profit for both the dairy farming sector and the nursery stock industry. If the dairy farmer sells the cow urine to a nursery, the nursery can make his/her nursery more sustainable by using more and more natural fertilizers and less (polluting) synthetic fertilizer. Since 2021, Kwekerij Koos Buitenhuis has been using this cow urine. It forms a good nutrient for the plants and gets to the plants via the irrigation. Moreover, Buitenhuis uses much less artificial fertilizer as a result. A nice greening of two sectors.