Concept: Eco2Grass, Plant: Miscanthus Eco2Grass
De Jong Plant bv
Concept: Eco2Grass, Plant: Miscanthus Eco2Grass

Elephant grass is one of the most beautiful and largest grasses. The handsome looking crop is great for wind and sound protection. The sturdy stems and slender long leaves of this perennial grow extremely fast. The grass requires hardly any maintenance and naturally stores an exceptional amount of CO2. De Jong Plant bv from Boskoop adds an extra dimension to this with their Miscanthus ECO2Grass® variety. Also for consumers a great way to reduce CO2, nitrogen (N2) and particulate matter with a stylish garden plant for border planting or hedging. For this market, the Miscanthus is grown in a special pot. The product will be available in a P12 and P17 with a label and pot cover. The pot cover is to stimulate sales because the customer can see how the plant will become in the garden. In addition, the concept is also suitable for arable farming and municipalities. Eco2Grass distinguishes itself by:
- Six times more CO2 absorption than a forest of trees
- Natural and circular environmental solution
- Captures ammonia and fine dust from the environment
- Water purifying and soil improving
- Eco-material for bio-based products