Van Son & Koot

The overall concept NATURE 2 NATURE is a specially selected range to promote biodiversity, divided into 4 categories: Birds, Bees, Butterflies and Bugs. All plants (winter hardy assortment) are provided with a species specific label with an inspirational representation of the plant. Text and image show which animal(s) the plant attracts. The reverse side features a barcode, plant passport and text in four languages. The uniform label line gives a colorful, recognizable look to the plant and the entire concept. To convey this biodiversity theme even more clearly and inspire consumers, we offer a complete POS package with banners and displays.
NATURE 2 NATURE is suitable for every segment (international), from garden center to DIY store, for both online and offline a suitable package is developed so that the concept can be presented in any place in an appropriate way.
It is unique and contemporary. There is a lot of attention for sustainability and biodiversity at the moment. We want to inspire everyone to make the world a greener place. And we hope to use this concept to reach consumers and encourage them to participate in making the world a greener place. The theme image is an image developed by ourselves which supports the entire concept and is depicted with the aim of inspiring consumers, from young to old, to buy.
Current strategy is to deliver in Q1. We monitor and have short lines with the customer. We continue to develop the range and innovate at product and concept level. The same applies to availability and delivery. If it turns out that the demand is broader or different than in Q1, we will develop this further together with our customers. There is currently enough available. Sender is Van Son & Koot from Kaatsheuvel.