Hebe Petitable®
Addenda Telersvereniging
Hebe Petitable®

The 23 cm Hebe Petitable® bowl is a compact and colourful planting solution for terraces and balconies. Available in blue, white, pink and red, it offers long-lasting flowering from June until deep into autumn. With minimal care requirements, the Petitable® is ideal for consumers without green fingers: a nice spot and regular watering are enough. As its name suggests, small at the table, on the terrace or balcony.

- Compact size: Ideal for small outdoor spaces.
- Richly flowering: Blooms all summer until deep into autumn.
- Four colours: Available in blue, white, pink and red.
- Weather-resistant: Can withstand cold down to -3 degrees frost and stays green all year.
- Environmentally friendly: Attracts bees and butterflies.

The Hebe Petitable® is suitable for sale through garden centres and retail, available from week 28 to week 37. Includes label with care information and a QR code for more information and care tips. In addition to the general POS for Addenda, an A4 inspiration poster was developed for Petitable® to promote the bowls. The Hebe Petitable® bowl was submitted by Addenda Telersvereniging from Naaldwijk.