1. Best Market Release

Important points are: Shelf life, availability, responsible product and compatibility with current market needs. The jury consists of international experts.

2. Best KVBC Novelty

The cultivars are judged by an independent KVBC jury on ornamental value, flower colour, flowering time and period, leaf colour, shape of the plant, but also on characteristics such as health and propagation.

3. Visitors' favourite

There are 15 candidates in this category. Visitors could cast their votes during the PLANTARIUM|GROEN-Direkt days through the green balls.


The visitor favourite of the PLANTARIUM|GROEN-Direkt spring edition

Visitors can cast their votes during the PLANTARIUM|GROEN-Direkt fair in February through the green balls.

Is your product the spring visitor favorite but not yet listed?

Using the page below, PLANTARIUM|GROEN-Direkt exhibitors and GROEN-Direkt sample fair participants can register plants for the Visitor Favorite inspection. Application is possible from mid-November 2022 through Wednesday, January 25, 2023.

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