Basic Stand

Prices Basic Stand

€ 90 per m2

Comfort Stand

Prices Comfort Stand

€ 115 per m2

For ‘green’ participants

€ 145 per m2

For other participants

Premium Stand

Prices Premium Stand

€ 137,50 per m2

For ‘green’ participants

€ 175 per m2

For other participants

Other charges

All our rates are based on price per m2 and not on fixed stand sizes.

Outdoor Expo area

Outdoor space is available exclusively for exhibitors who cannot display their products indoors. This outdoor area is where suppliers of machinery and avenue trees, for example, can present themselves.

Would you be interested? Neem contact op met Marjolein Wieckardt via

+31 (0)6 49 86 17 26


A wall stand is adjacent to a path on one side only. It is situated amidst a row of stands and has one completely open (front) side and one completely closed (back) side.

A corner stand borders on two paths and thus has two completely open sides. The other two sides border on neighbouring stands.

A front stand is adjacent to three paths. Only the back is completely closed.

Yes, soon exhibitors will be able to order additional services, including electricity.

Free Wi-Fi is available on the exhibition floor. Accessibility and speed are shared. A wired internet connection providing greater security will be available in our webshop in the near future.

For the white partitions of the comfort stand, we will soon introduce the option of a full-colour print. These will then be company-owned and available for repeated use, with storage if required. Features and prices will be published shortly.

Basic information about opening hours, catering etc. can be found on this website. Many additional details can be found in the event conditions, see the link at the bottom of this page. Still have questions? Please feel free to contact: